Richard King Scraping Class

  • June 5, 2017 - June 9, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

I suspect that this class will fill up very quickly.   FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis; receipt of $825 payment (50% deposit) secures your seat.

Basic Details:

Who:  You

What: Richard King Machine Scraping and Rebuilding Class

When:  Monday June 5 – Friday June 9th, 2017

Where:  Zanesville, OH (Saunders Machine Works)

Why:  To learn the basics of hand scraping and machine rebuilding.

How:  That’s what you are going to learn!


$1,650 – Yes, I know that is expensive, but after taking the class, I can honestly say that it is worth every penny.  It is an investment if you really want to learn how to do this kind of work.  Richard King is an expert in this area and good teacher to boot – it is a skill that you just cannot learn from a book or even a video.  Having hands on instruction from a professional is essential to properly learn this skill!

Payment Schedule:

To make things a bit easier to swallow, we will ask for a deposit up front with half of the total class amount $825.  The remaining $825 will be due 1 month before the start of the class (May 5th).  Checks will be made payable to “Saunders Machine Works” – once we get money in from everybody, I will just write one check to Richard (it’s easier for me to keep track of everything if we just run all the money through me; I am not profiting off the class).  Once the final payment is made, Richard will send you a textbook for the class as well as a DVD – you will need to bring your book with you to the class and watch the DVD BEFORE coming.


The Zanesville Holiday Inn Express has a preferred rate.  Use either this link or call 740-297-4751 and mention “Saunders Machine Works”.
​Rate should be $99/night (plus tax)


We start classes at 8:00 am and they run through around 5:00 pm each day.  You are welcome to arrive at the shop any time after 7:30 am on class days.  We usually break a little after 5:00 pm and anybody that wants to meet up for dinner can get together with the group at whatever local restaurant we decide on that evening.

Class Outline:

The class is a five-day class.  The first three days you will spend learning the art of scraping – first with a hand scraper and then with a Biax Power Scraper (Richard provides these to borrow for the class).  You start out on a practice piece of cast iron (provided – they are returned to Richard so that he can use them in other classes) and once you are ready, you will start working on a project of your own.  A typical project could be a straightedge, cross slide or saddle off of a lathe or mill, angle plate, cast iron surface plate, etc.  The last two days of the class will give you time to work on your own project as well as some discussion and hands on experience with machine rebuilding.


Basic scraping Class overview and some details (days 1-3):

  • Hand scraping 15 – 20 PPI on cast iron on practice bar
  • ½ moon oil flaking by hand
  • Sharpening scraper blades
  • Working with levels, test indicators and micrometers
  • Power scraping, power flaking, personal projects, Rulon (Turcite) application
  • Machine alignment (demo & use of Kingway tool), 3 point alignment (kinematic mount), lubrication
  • Testing and scraping tapered gibs
  • Q&A session on machine rebuilding & scraping
  • Guidance on personal project(s), scraping to 40 PPI, straight edge scraping, pull scraping
  • Discussion of lubrication and considerations

Advanced sessions (days 4-5):

  • More in-depth training on scraping and machine alignment
  • Further work and personal instruction on your project or multiple projects
  • Technique to achieve 40 points per square inch for straight edges, surface plates & jig borers
  • Emphasis on machine alignment
  • Application of Rulon (Turcite), scraping and cutting oil grooves


Scraping Class – What you need to bring:

  1. A manual hand scraper.  If you have one, bring it.  If you don’t have one, Richard can give you some details on where to buy one or how to make one.
  2. Vises, clamps, etc.  You will need something to hold your work so something like a milling machine vise will be very helpful.  Also, you want to bring C-clamps etc for holding work down.  I have a couple of extra milling machine vises that I can lend out if you don’t have one or are flying in.  If you need one, please *let me know* so I can make sure that we have enough.
  3. Your project.  Each of you will need to bring along a *small* project to work on later in the week.  This could be a parallel, angle plate, straight edge, lathe compound, etc.  Just try to keep it on the smaller size – let’s say a 100 lb weight limit (if we need a forklift, crane, engine hoist, pallet jack, etc to unload or move it – it is too big!)  If you have a question on this, send a note to Richard and run it past him.
  4. An extension cord.  If you are flying in, I have a few extras, but for those driving in, please bring one (and a few extras if you have them).  You will need this when you start using the Biax power scrapers.
  5. Gloves.  Some leather or cloth gloves to protect your hands.
  6. SAFETY GLASSES!!!  Everybody will be required to wear some kind of safety glasses in the shop!  If you wear glasses (as I do) that should be fine.
  7. Your Book that Richard will send.  You will need this in the class – please put your name on it!  He will not have extras.  Also, please read it and watch the DVD before coming.  No need to bring your DVD unless you want to watch it in your hotel room at nights.


Optional items (if you have them and are driving in and can bring them)

  1. Biax Power Scraper.  If you already have one, bring it with you.  If not, no worries, Richard will bring plenty for everybody to use to learn power scraping.
  2. Surface Plate.  If you have one you want to bring, let me know first.  I have two surface plates (24”x36” and 12”x18”) that we can use, but it is nice to have a few extras so everybody is not standing in line to use one.
  3. Lighting.  While the lighting in my shop should be pretty good, you still may want to bring along a small portable light source if your eyes are getting old like mine or you just have problems seeing.  Optional but probably better to have it just in case.  A draftsman or desk lamp works well.  In the last class, only a few people actually needed extra lighting but nice to have just in case.
  4. If you have a portable chair and/or a bench stool, you might want to bring one along.  I have probably a half dozen chairs out in the shop and can probably round up a few more for eating lunch, sitting down and resting, class time, etc.  No worries if you can’t bring one but if it is not too much trouble, just throw one in.
  5. If you have an anti-fatigue mat that you can bring, your feet will probably love you for it.  Completely optional, but you will be standing on your feet all day long for five days on my concrete shop floor.
  6. Small spray bottle of Windex – for wiping down your project – we can share some of these so not everybody will need one.  If you have a bottle you can bring – bring it.  If not, share!
  7. Rags or Paper Towels – for wiping down your project.  I have a bag of rags in the shop that we can share but for those that are driving in if you can bring some as well, we should be covered.
  8. A small brush and dust pan for wiping down your project.
  9. Hand files. To knock sharp corners off of parts.  If you can bring one or a few, great.  If not, I have files that can be shared.
  10. Personal measuring equipment:  Dial test indicator(s), dial indicator and stand, micrometer(s), calipers, etc.


Cancellation 60 Days or More in advance of class:  100% Refund
Cancellation within 60 days: No Refund; we are happy to help put you in touch with someone on the wait list (if there is a wait list) but no guarantees



1554 Fairview Road, Zanesville, Ohio, 43701, United States



  1. John,

    Where can you purchase a hand scraper and rough casting to use as your project, and approximately how much do they cost? I realise the cost will depend on what you buy I’m just trying to determine how much I should budget in addition to the tuition and travel for class materials and whatnot.


    Trevor McClurkin
    McClurkin Machine

    • Trevor – FYI I don’t see you as registered for the class. We’ll be making our own hand scrapers for sale (or you can DIY) and we’ll be sending out an email with links to buy casting projects

  2. John,

    I guess it didn’t go through. I just saw your comment and tried to register but it says the class is full. What is the process for getting on the wait list?

    Thank you,

    Trevor McClurkin

  3. Mr. Saunders,
    I would also like to be put on your alternates list if possible.
    Thank you.
    J. Sulkosky

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